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Artist : Snootie Wild Feat. August Alsina & Yo Gotti
She's A Keeper

She's A Keeper Lyric

She's a keeper
He don't know what do
She's a keeper
I wanna be with
I wanna be with
She's a keeper
He don't know what to do with you
She's a keeper
He don't know what to do
He don't know
Baby, you too bad
And ya got all that ass
Baby you know that
I wanna be with
She's a keeper
Down to ride when I'm ready to go
And look I thought you should know
You ain't like other hoes

Come straight from the ghetto
Ass all on the strip pole
Cashed out with a bankroll
Now she focused on college
And I know that she polished
Daddy used to swang yayo
Now he locked down on death row
Independent, she's got it
And I know imma get her
And she know that I want her
Five star in my city
Need that in my corner
Five packs for the fifty
Posted up on the corner
Used to watchin' her daily
Walks to school from my corner
Nigga drivin' her crazy
He just [?] on her
Real estate that pussy
Let him know I'm the owner
Thoroughbred and I know soul
All about her gold robe
Dude must be loco
That's why I won't let go

He don't know what to do wit you
If he did, he wouldn't have put you through
All the things that he put you through
Now a street nigga won't fuck wit you
You allergic to these lame niggas
Might break ya out like allergies
I'll turn ya dream into your reality
Killin' hoes, you a casualty
And you the one, I ain't gotta tell ya that though
[?] this high, yeah ya already know
Imma jet to your city just to bring ya to the show
Turn your house into a mall
Turn your closet to a store
Know ya like that
Not the gifts but the time that I spend wit ya
I'm tryin' to feel somethin' real wit ya
Hope this shit here neva eva end wit ya
I could be ya man and friend wit ya

You my main chick, that shit mandatory
Ain't no other bitches in your category
Plus you a down bitch, that's another story
And you a real rider when it's necessary
So you a keeper