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Artist : Sango & Xavier Omär
Hipster Girl

Hipster Girl Lyric

Hey young lady, where you from,
where you came from
Just wanna know your name
Just wanna show you things
I mean I woulda say it back
I ain't even say it not
Her beauty wrecked my brain
I couldn't say a thing

Remember that?
She had her hair curled
Glasses on, denim shirt
wrapped arms around her waist
The moccassins is what me locked in,
couldn't be away, girl I need to stay
I mean I tried to leave, but I can't go

Her favorite band is Warpaint
but her favorite song is by Sango
Now she's here with me
Sitting indian style
finally made that mood it's set for a while
About everything's changing from music to our exes
In Austin in Texas, at South-By
watch Chance the Rapper With a hipster girl
Watching James Blake with a hipster girl

Oh judge to make her an impression
You match everything about me
Oh girl I want you to be about me, bout me
I take the time to love
And I know we could be
(we could be)