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Artist : Felly Feat. Gyyps
Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle Lyric

I was playing on a C-Note
And make my baby bend down real low
Look at my sneakers swear they real tho
In NYC puffin illegal
You startin drama Im like
Bitch give me this, another bitch give me that
I got some problems with myself I put that shit on the press
Boy is you crying for some help you better go and attack
You see them tugging on your belt you put yourself on the map
Think I need Jesus

Think that I need need him I know that I need him
Im praying on my knees yuh

Its cold its freezin

Cold as a freezer I came in this world I don't know how I'm leaving

I don't believe em

Fuck the hoes [?]

I don't believe yuh

I never need em the world that I see Im surprised so bring it

I think they coming for my freedom
you gon bring that to NYC?
Im bringing that shit, Im bringing my whole percussion box
I think they coming for my freedom

Pull up, key in, start, bitch, Conoga Park
Thats that shit out the two car garage
Check off the list now I hit that minaj
Never looking back at a bitch and ask that
I could do laps around underground rappers
With double cup stack You can take a step back
If you feeling like shit, go work the night shift

First things first Ive been up all night
Dip and reverse brown piece on my side
Cook up the herse but I'd rather not die
Pull up to shows with my homies for life
Needing my shawty to drive, you feelin alright?
We airlock the keys of the beans and the rice
Like every night

Ayy true, Fel can I ask you a question?

Yeah, ask all the questions you want bro just know I don't have all the answers

Ay yo whats the message?

All of these kids Im too old for this shit think they all got it backwards

Yo what you've been planning?

Build a militia and fuck with the system lets get at the bastards

Ayye let me get at this
I only use to do ad-libs
Don't let me fade in the blackness

I think they coming for my freedom
They wanna gun me desert eagle
A bunch of egos I don't feed them
Know they gon love me then they leave him

beat change

Inside the dime bag coming youngDarryl
Running over squirrels in a pontiac fiero
Robbing other life Imma dance like dinero
I could jock a side bag, I'm a fucking weirdo
Sell a couple Vyvanse, library hero
Visa Visa Master thats a kapa kapa kilo
Free the calipaint in California through an eagle
Never leaving either even if its just a guiro

Bless it up
Motherfucking spliff to my motherfucking dome
Penicillin scripts I got something in my throat
Calling on my phone, only pick up for my mom
Thats a bomb call the bomb squad
Life is bigger then the shit up on your i-Phone
Fuck im sick of losing tension like a blind spot
Imma slip until the slippers made of nylon
Im smoking lala

I feel like lately I can't take the pain
Im praying patiently for better things
Know these relationships gon fade away
So I'll keep waiting on a brighter day
Don't take away all my freedom