Guardians Mp3 Download

Artist : July Tereshenko

Guardians Lyric

The game is on, the cards are dealt
My darling dreamer
How come you are not around
You all have this glimmer
Villains gotta shiver
You could make it if allowed
Though you'll have a price to pay
Seems like finally time to play

War is everywhere
In cold and silence
Have you been face to face
With lies and violence
The world is dying on your hands
So don't waste time, and call your friends
Don't give out, dare to stand
You're fated to defend!

Night is on, darkness grows
Through a sleepy semblance
Every dream we can see
Is full of sunlight
Today the terror, nothing right
And always enemies to fight
In the name of warning you
Get ready, shining crew!

And when your people (are) dying
You gotta fight, you gotta stand
Until the end, do not surrender
When you see children crying
And mamas begging for your help
If you do care
You are defenders!