Perfect Mp3 Download

Artist : Rajiv Dhall

Perfect Lyric

I found a love.for me.
darling just die right here
Follow my lead...
Well i found a girl.beautifull and sweet
I never know that you were that someone waiting for me
Coz we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was, i will not give u up
This time... darling just kiss me so.
Your heart is all i own and i advice your hold in my.
Baby i.dancing in the dark with you between my arms
Playfull on the grass, listen into our favorite song.
When u said you look too mess i was
put underneath for breath.with you
Hide it, darling you look perfect tonight
...i found a that how it end
Stronger than any one...
She said that my dreams are all under
I say her all.oo.woo.ooh
I found out how!
To carry more than just my secret .
to carry love to carry children of our own.
We are still kids when we saw in love
Fighting against of ours.i know it will b alright this time.
Darling just hold my hand and my girl ill b ur man
I see my future in your eyes... baby...
I dancing in the dark with u between my arms.
Playfull on the grass... listen into our favourite songs
when i saw you in that are so beautiful i dont deserve this
Darling you look perfect tonight...
...Baby i dancing in the dark wit u between my arms
Playfull on the grass.listen into our favorite songs
I have this in what i c... now i know i have met an angel
This person she looks perfect i don deserve you look perfect tonight