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Artist : VEDO

Slow Lyric

Na na na na na na na na
Noooo ooohhh ye-yeahhh
Vedo baby (rock me baby)

You let niggas get the best
I know that you ain't got much left

But I say fuck it I'll do some construction
And work with it gimme the rest
Girl you need me and I need you too
I'll play my part and I'll wait for you

Yeah oh no

Love you with my mind
Deep conversation tell me what you want
Kiss you with my body
Touch every spot, turn you on before I make love to you
Girl we'll become one when you ready, I won't want pressure you
Girl, I ain't got nothin' but time

We can take it slow
Cuz' I want much more from you
It's been a while so baby
Girl let's take it slow
Trust me girl ain't no rush, ooh I'll make time for us