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Artist : GVNDV
Big Talk

Big Talk Lyric

I just big the wave up
Not a clout chaser & im notta hater
Only get involved if its about the paper
Think you really got a spot then im about to take it

I just throw the v up
Runnin waves
Im ace boogie widd the re up

Gettin paid, double up
We goin 3 up

You up rn but look how long you boutta be up?
Just some high school text shit
Text book widd the flow betta check Shit
Text quick
Man im not too fond of waitin for Responses
Nothin personal
Just show me what the date is
And im live
Niggas puttin on for my city
Know im home grown from the city Dawg

Gimme this that gimme that
You know i need it all

And when the clock is tickin
Im the one they leave ball

Eyes all on my body like illuminate
Told my niggas get em and the say They got me
Know i gotta get it while the gettins Good
Niggas tried to get me
But they never could

Shit is litty
Dont know what color the wrist is Whenever im under light
Then then the diamonds they start to Glisten

I know a couple rappers
That want my name on a hitlist
I hate to argue positions
Im bigga just come and witness

Yeaa they dont want no situation
Like the goonies
I got family in Different places

Hard to miss a shot
Its like the Visions lasik

Classic like the jordans with the Missin laces

Pick and rolls and give and give and Go's
I bend the corner in a o1 coup like its Pigeon toed

Aint been around that long but long Enough for you niggas to know

I been biggin up
I need a cut for the bigger flow

Wheres the residual
Why the call her young when we Know that she gettin old

Why we goin dumb everytime that Hit the road

How you never round but Virginia Yo second home

This is just some shit a nigga gotta Know

Still comin live all the way from the 7'5
My niggas down to ride know we neva Gon let it slide
One hell of a moment couldn't think Of a betta time
When you yellin slime i just see Nickelodeon signs

Big jewels
Big chains
Big rangs
Big boooty hoes
Big thangs big thangs
Need big money
Big checks
Big banks
Need big rank
Big rank
Big rank
Need big dollas
Ails on me
Ben franks
Now thats big news
I got eyes on me
Big thanks
I got big rules
We cant even take it to the bank
I gotta big room
We gon put it in the big safe