Throwed Off (F*** Everybody) Mp3 Download

Artist : Treal Lee And Prince Rick & Treal Lee & Prince Rick
Throwed Off (F*** Everybody)

Throwed Off (F*** Everybody) Lyric

Walk round da club
fuck everybody
Can't See Can't Walk
Fuck Everybody
Don't Give ahh Fuck
Fuck Everybody
Can't Speak Can't Talk
Fuck Everybody
Im In My Own Zone
Im In My Own Zone
Im In My Own Zone
It Got me Throwed Off
Im In My Own Zone
Im In My Own Zone
Im In My Own Zone
It Got me Throwed Off

Prince Rick:
Aye better leave me lone
Ion like these niggas
Put It on my Mama Ill fight these niggas
You in VIP Fuck VIP
Run up in yo shit Now ya DIE
This liquor got me gone
Now Im in My Zone
You got me Fucked up
You get slap by the end of this song
Tried to Jump Me Last Week
Now im With My Peeps
Now Im Mobbin thru this Bitch
I Stay bout 30 Deep

I don't(I don't)
I don't Give a Fuck Nigga(Fuck Nigga)
Fuck Everybody
You And That Bitch(Bitch)
You a Scarey Nigga(Nigga)
You Scared of Everybody
&She a Scarey Bitch(Bitch)
She scared of Everybody
Treal Lee Nigga(Nigga)
Triple D Nigga(Nigga)
Aint Shit bout My City You can Tell Me Nigga
Bitch Im da Shit
You Smell me nigga
Aint Nun In Streets
You Can Sell Me Nigga(Me Nigga)

Im In My Zone
Im In My Zone
Im In My Zone
These Girls Won't
Leave Me Lone
Leave Me Lone
Leave Me Lone
She Took Me to da Back
I don't know what We did
All i remember Is She Tried to swallow all My Kids
Fuck you
And You And You(And You)
Nigga if you Aint Sippin
Then Nigga Fuck You
You know Solace stay pimpin
Thats just What I Do
Get ha Tipsy
Then I Make ha Sail Spin like Ballon
Mane Im All the Way Throwed Off